Your complete annual numerological chart : the personal year and all its important parameters

The annual theme offers, in addition to the usual annual details, quarterly and monthly trends, making up the 12 months of a personal year, including a summary in PDF format of 8 to 10 pages. The theme includes all the key dates of the year.

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So that I can carry out your study or theme in the best conditions, remember to send me by email your complete birth details as indicated on your birth certificate or marital status.

All first names if applicable and your surname or surnames if applicable as recorded in the civil status
Maiden name if you are a married woman
Your complete and exact date of birth
Your nickname or nickname if you have one

Please let me know about your approach and your expectations regarding the study, explaining your current situation.

The study period is one month.
Please contact me by email after payment of the study, by Paypal.

Price 75€ :